DIetrich strause & the Blue Ribbons


Dietrich Strause & The Blue Ribbons (7 July 2017)

This seven song album is the product of a collaboration with the Boston rock and roll quartet The Blue Ribbons. Written in London, recorded in Maine in the winter of 2017. The Blue Ribbons are James Rohr (keys), Tauras Biskis (drums), Jef Charland (bass), and Mike Castellana (guitar).

Produced by Dietrich Strause & The Blue Ribbons
Recorded by Sam Kassirer at Great North Sound Society
Mixed and mastered by Paul Q. Kolderie
Cover design by Dietrich Strause
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How cruel that hunger binds


How Cruel That Hunger Binds (26 August 2016)

'How Cruel That Hunger Binds,' is an artistic work that feels simultaneously big and small: It has a broad vision coupled with an intimate execution... Highlights of the set include 'The Beast That Rolls Within,' 'Spring Has Sprung,' and 'Boy Born to Die.' According to Strause, "The album's title comes from 'Boy Born to Die,' but the song that holds the essence of the album is 'Lying in Your Arms.' There's a cruelty in the cycle of our nature - we destroy to survive. We say goodbye to old friends to make way for new ones. The Beatles sang, 'All You Need is Love,' but I suppose these songs are about how all you need is to love." -- Folk Alley

Produced by Zachariah Hickman
Recorded by Sam Kassirer at Great North Sound Society
Mixed by Brandon Eggleston
Mastered by Jeff Lipton asst. by Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering
Cover photograph by Michael Spencer


Little stones to break the giant's heart


Little Stones to Break the Giant's Heart (22 October 2013)

“Little Stones to Break the Giant’s Heart” reveals his knack for vivid, almost literary lyricism inflected by myth and metaphor. The songs boast a virtuosic command of imagery and wordplay…” -- WBUR, Boston’s NPR

Produced by Austin Nevins
Recorded and mixed by Matt Malikowski at Dimension Sound Studios
Mastered by Eric Conn & Don Cobb at Independent Mastering
Original artwork by Peter Nevins / Layout by Charlie Wagers
Full Credits